Your pelvic health and pain physiotherapist

Men's and Women's Physiotherapy Services


The muscle that starts it all and all the bits in between.

BLADDER health

When we have a wee bit of a problem, are we leaking? 

Bowel Health

Get your sh’t together! Bowels shouldn’t get you down in the dumps


When our bits start to fall and hang out, what do you do?

Men’s health

Learning about the nuts and bolts about the prostate

Pregnancy CARE

When the bun is cooking in the oven, how to look after yourself

Post natal Care

So you have had the baby, now what do you do? 


What happens when the milk bar temporarily has to shut?


Menopause, it’s a lot more than just hot flushes

Pelvic pain

Let’s break the stigma of pain. It’s involves a lot more than what we think

General physiotherapy

Do you have tender spots? Niggles? Pain? Time to get on top of it

Why Physio Retreat

Whitney Lam founded Physio Retreat in 2018. She is the principal physiotherapist specialising in both Women’s and Men’s health and general musculoskeletal physiotherapy