Bowel Health

Feeling constipated or have no bowel control? Did you know pelvic floor physiotherapy can help

What does it involve?

A pelvic floor physiotherapist may assess your pelvic floor through an internal rectal examination. There are other ways to assess the pelvic floor if you are not comfortable with this. We then provide an individualised program to meet your demands and needs and improve your symptoms. 

We may also provide some generalised advice on laxatives or stool bulkers to help with your stool consistency to help make it much easier to pass and empty. So hopefully you don’t have to worry about what could happen throughout the day.

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What is good bowel function?

Regular bowels are where you have a sense of control and able to completely emptying without the need to strain. The look and appearance of stools should be sausage like and smooth. And you don’t actually have to empty everyday! Normal frequency of bowel emptying can be as little as every three days to as often as three times a day.

So have your bowels have changed?

Talking about your bowels can be quite confronting, but you shouldn’t be embarrassed. If your bowels have changed, they may present in these ways:

  • Constipation and frequent straining.
  • Firm or very loose stools
  • Not emptying properly or haven’t emptied in over three days. Or attempting to empty your bowels several times during the day
  • Poor bowel control and faecal incontinence and/or diarrhoea
  • Bloating from a full bowel
  • Pain with emptying your bowels and/or haemorrhoids
  • Difficulty controlling wind or excessive wind

Are you bothered by your bowels?

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