Bladder Health

Are you suffering from bladder leakage? Or are you always rushing to the toilet?

What does it involve?

A pelvic floor physiotherapist will assess your pelvic floor through an internal vaginal examination. There are other ways to assess the pelvic floor if you are not comfortable with this. We then provide an individualised program to meet your demands and needs and improve your symptoms. 

A pelvic floor physiotherapist will also provide advice and strategies on how to manage the urge to go, to give you back control of your life.

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So what happens when the bladder function changes?

The bladder is a hollow muscular and elastic organ, that sits in the pelvis. It stores urine until we need to go.

When the bladder function changes, it can be embarrassing and for some of you it can impact your social activities. Some of the signs and symptoms of this can be:

  • Changes in bladder control and not being able to hold for long periods. Maybe you know where all the public toilets are located? Or are you just making it in time?
  • Feeling the need to empty the bladder frequently
  • Waking multiple times over night (or if over 65 years old, more than twice)
  • Bedwetting
  • Urine incontinence with poor bladder control
  • Urine incontinence with exercise, coughing, sneezing and laughing as examples
  • Having to wear a pad and feeling uncomfortable about it
  • Changes with how you are emptying your bladder such as not emptying, stop start flow and pain with emptying the bladder

Is it a wee little problem?

Let’s give you back that control!