Mastitis and Breast Engorgement

Have you noticed if your breasts are quite tender and painful to touch? Let us know ASAP so we can help you feel more comfortable sooner

What do we do?

If you suspect mastitis or breast engorgement it is best to get in touch with us straightaway, so you can go back to spending time with your little one(s).

We will treat mastitis or breast engorgement with therapeutic ultrasound. It reduces any breast tenderness, redness and tension by improving circulation and unblocking milk ducts. Thus restoring milk supply and making it easier to breastfeed. We will also provide advice on how to manage any symptoms at home.

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You may need treatment over a few consecutive days.

What is mastitis or breast engorgement?

Mastitis and breast engorgement can occur at any point during the breastfeeding phase. It is when the milk supply is interrupted by blocked milk ducts. Certain parts or the whole breasts can become swollen, sore and tender to touch and it can impact your body’s ability to breastfeed.

Think you have or do have mastitis or breast engorgement?

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