Pregnancy and Physiotherapy

Are you feeling the changes that come with pregnancy? Or just wanting to get a head start on your pelvic floor?

What we do

In the antenatal period there are many things that we can do to help make this journey easier for you. We can help by:

  • Providing pain relief for your pregnancy related joint pain
  • Help and advise on maintaining strength and fitness during your pregnancy
  • Minimise the impact of abdominal separation during your pregnancy and postnatally
  • Ensure good pelvic floor strength
  • Provide education and strategies to help your pelvic floor during labour and childbirth
  • a TENS machine for active labour is available to hire. It is recommended you hire this in your third trimester

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Pregnancy is a new and exciting time, bringing new life into the world. There is so much change happening both mentally, physically and hormonally to support the growth of the baby.

As the pregnancy progresses, the physical changes that occur with pregnancy will place extra strain on certain joints and muscles, with the pelvic and back region is mostly affected. And we may also see pelvic floor changes with some urinary leakage as well.

Pregnancy ailments or looking to get ahead?

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