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About to have prostate surgery or just had it? Manage your urine leakage with us

What do we do?

Urine incontinence is common with prostate surgery and pelvic floor physiotherapy is going to be an important part in this process. We will typically conduct a transperineal ultrasound in the appointment to make sure you are performing the pelvic floor muscle contraction correctly. If you are not comfortable with this there are other ways to assess your pelvic floor.

It’s so important to get the correct technique. An incorrect pelvic floor activation can worsen your symptoms. We will then prescribe an individualised pelvic floor exercise program to manage your symptoms and to get rid of wearing pads altogether. We want to give you back your best life.

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What else is involved?

Not only do we focus on your pelvic floor exercises but we want to tick off a few other things:

  • Making sure you have good bladder and bowel function
  • Provide advice and strategies on recovery after the surgery
  • Returning to exercise advice
  • Provide information about strategies for erectile dysfunction

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