Pregnancy Aqua

Pregnant or postnatal? Love the water?

If you are looking for another way to exercise during your pregnancy, Physio Retreat offers pregnancy and postnatal aqua classes.  

When we are pregnant, for some there can be a few limitations that can make it difficult to stay fit and healthy. These classes provide a means to exercise safely without putting any extra strain on our bodies. The benefits of include:

  • Promoting healthy weight gain
  • Improving cardiovascular fitness, which can be particularly hard towards the latter stages of pregnancy
  • If you have any pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain, being in the water allows for you the opportunity to move and exercise comfortably. It also helps take the weight off your body particularly as the pregnancy progresses.
  • Being in the water also allows you to exercise without overheating. Think of those Adelaide heatwaves we have!
  • It helps build muscle and core and postural strength, endurance and flexibility to help maintain and cope with the physical changes of pregnancy but also can potentially prep you for childbirth
  • Boosts and promotes circulation and minimises fluid retention. So if you have varicose veins or just noticing your body is feeling puffy, this might be for you.
  • Added bonus of improving our gut and bowel health too!
  • In the long term it can assist with your postnatal recovery, regardless of if you have a caesarean or a vaginal birth
  • Not only that, there are social benefits too!

Are you looking for a different pregnancy exercise class?

Come along and give yourself an opportunity to feel weightless